Piazza Vittorio Veneto 4, 24060 Endine Gaiano (Italy)

11507 Long Pine Drive, Houston, TX 77077 (USA)

Email:   Skype: luigisuardi



What I enjoy most is designing and building useful, elegant and lasting software systems, leveraging my creativity and problem solving ability. For many years I have refined and applied my passion to the development of software applications, from simple one man efforts to complex systems that required large teams and many months of coordinated activities. I am methodical, results oriented and have a common and business sense that allow me to strike a working balance between user requirements, technology, schedule and resource constraints. I like what I do and I am always looking for new ideas and stimulating challenges. I hold dual citizenship, USA and Italy.




Master of Science, Computer Science, June 1992, GPA: 3.66/4.0

Concentrations:   Database Systems, Query Processing, Transaction Management , Multidatabases.

Activities:              Research in the field of Multidatabases and Multisystem Applications.

Honors:                 U of H Academic Competitive Scholarship.



Bachelor of Science, Science of Information, February 1989, GPA: 101/110

Concentrations:   Automatic Design Techniques (CAD/CAM/CAE), Image Processing,

                                Design of Numerical Systems and Operating Systems.



PROS Holdings Inc. - Europe, May 2009 to present

·         Technical consulting in support to sales and implementation of PROS enterprise applications for pricing management and optimization. Frequent collaboration with Fortune 500 european manufacturers (ABB, Scania, GE Oil and Gas, Mitsubishi, Tarmac...).

·         Integration of PROS platform with customer ERP systems.


NINETY-DEGREES.COM - Houston Texas and Endine Gaiano Italy, August 2006 to 2009

Proprietary business: Software application development, technical and strategic consulting.

·         IT Service Manager: manage IT services and outsourcing of IT operations.

· innovative, real-time marketspace analytics service to optimize strategic and tactical decision-making based on online traffic and site relationship patterns.

·         QID wiki: deploy, extend and maintain Tikiwiki to support all activities of the QID Nano startup.

· community site and integrated custom applications to support the activities of the members of The Work of Byron Katie.

· IT consulting, business and systems analysis, negotiation and cost reduction with IT services company, ASP.NET development.

·         Various Web Sites and Tools: Photo Center, Facebook Apps, etc.


BMC Software Inc. - Houston Texas, Oct 1996 to May 2006

3 years as product development manager for Integration Blueprint team (dev, doc, QA resources) with mission of facilitating integration across many BMC products using leading technologies such as web services, standard models and portals:

·         Define and execute roadmap to increase teams expertise in Web services and portal platforms such as Systinet, .NET, AXIS, GSOAP, Websphere, Weblogic, Plumtree, JBOSS, Parasoft SOA Test. Complex negotiations with Systinet and favorable OEM agreement.

·         Release of standard JSR168 portlets for many products (PATROL, SIM, MAINVIEW, etc.)

·         Use of standards such as WS-I, WS-* specs, WSDM, WS-Management.

·         Release of web services for MAINVIEW (mainframe), Service Impact Manager, PATROL, CMDB; support of major BMC customers (multi-million dollar contract with Ericsson).

·         Release of web services monitoring tools (PATROL/GSOAP).

·         1 year in BMC Technology Incubator with mission of applying BMC core competency to new applicative areas, develop prototypes: monitoring of software engineering process, monitoring of revenues, etc.

·         2 years as technical manager in the PATROL product line

·         4 years as senior developer and technical leader in the PATROL product line: PATROL WebViewer, PATROL/WMI, ORACLE KM, PSL Utilities, SCM strategies



Platinum Technology Inc., Business Intelligence Lab, Houston Texas, Oct 92 to Jul 96

·         Extensive experience with SQL query and reporting software programming.

·         Extensive use of Oracle OCI, Sybase Open Client and MFC.

·         Development of database abstraction layer (similar to ODBC).

·         Definition of a metalayer to introduce objects in SQL.

·         Development of ProReports*DBA, a package of precanned reports for Oracle 7 administrators.

·         Design and development of defect and support ticket tracker tool using Powerbuilder/Oracle 6.


Academic Programming and Research, 1988 to 1992

·         Design and implementation (C/UNIX) of a protoype Multidatabase System with MSQL as access language. Member databases were an Oracle DB installed on VAX/VMS and an Ingres DB installed on SPARC/UNIX.

·         Design and implementation of a distributed relational DBMS using C/ULTRIX. SQL was used as query language.

·         Extension of CLIPS rule based language with activation pattern controlled rules.

·         Leader of a group project for the design and implementation of a Call Graph Generator for the analysis of C software. C/ULTRIX and X Windows.

·         Telettra Spa, Fiat Group, Vimercate, Italy, 1988: evaluation of the PCB design process with the objective to design a KBS to improve the performances of the SCICARDS CAD system.


Clients &



·         Nielsen, Ericsson, Navisite…

·         Microsoft, Parasoft, Systinet, Plumtree, Telelogic…



·         Databases, Data Visualization, User Interface Design, Web applications

·         Software Engineering, Product Lifecycle Management, Process Improvement



Current: PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML/XSLT, C#, Java, Italian, English.

5+ years ago: C, C++/Visual C++, PowerScript, CLIPS, PASCAL, PL/SQL, LISP, SHELL.



Current: MySQL, Facebook, Zikula, XMLSpy, ASP.NET, IIS

5+ years ago: Systinet Server, SOA Test, Sharepoint, MS Project, COM, WMI, ORACLE, Visual C++ 5.0, MFC, PATROL, RDB, SYBASE, INFORMIX, DB2, ODBC, POWERBUILDER, INGRES, MKS, CLIPPER (DB3), LEX and YACC, LATEX, X Windows, FRAMEMAKER, InfoReports, InstallShield, CVS.



Current: PC/Windows/XP, Remote hosting on Linux, Cpanel

5+ years ago: Unix flavors, Mac, VAX 780, Microvax.



·      June 2003: eXtreme Programming by University of Texas at Austin

·      November 2005: Developing E-Business Solutions Using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004 by Hilton Computer Strategies

·      April 2006: Leading Technical Professionals by BlessingWhite

·      April 2006: ITIL Foundation and Certification



·      May 2004, Interview with eWeek and Enterprise Systems on Web Services at BMC

·       “How to Manage Your Software Product Life Cycle with MAUI”, Communications of the ACM, March 2004, Volume 47, Number 3

·      "Narada: an Environment for Specification and Execution of Multi-System Applications" with Y.Halabi et al., accepted for Second Int. Conf. on System Integration, June 1992.

·      "A Critique and Extension of Multidatabase SQL", with M. Rusinkiewicz and W. Litwin, accepted for the Data Engineering Conference, April 1993, Vienna, Austria.